Thursday, September 15, 2011

My heart is full these days

I adore these days. simple. cool. different.
After a summer of heat and business and chaos its nice to sit back and just live. Not that I wasn't living this summer...but, for those of you like myself who enjoy Autumn the MOST, maybe you know what I mean.

This morning our home is cool and smells like bacon. We actually had family breakfast this morning - cheesy egg sandwiches, bacon and milk. We are wearing blankets and cuddled up on the couch enjoying the chilly morning. I won't turn on the heat... I won't. The children are playing on the floor and our littlest is sleeping. It's calm. Hubby spoiled me and got us coffee drinks from a local coffee shop - add pumpkin pie latte scent to bacon. It's awesome. Why do scents make me feel so alive?

This past weekend we went on a leaders retreat with our youth leaders. It was a great time of connecting and praying and planning. 3 of my favorite things. And while I loved the volleyball games, sessions, Iowa football game (NOT) and our housing... the thing I loved most was my nap under the tree. Yep. I was the crazy lady sleeping under a tree at camp. :) And I know you've heard me blabber on and on of how I love nature, etc. It was such an encouraging and refreshing time to watch the sky by myself, alone, for an extended time. I keep thinking of that nap. Clearly, I was impacted by just enjoying creation. So thankful for that opportunity.

My girls are growing and changing. August is so close to rolling over. She is precious, and smiley and content almost all the time. We'll start cereal already next week! Lately I've found myself lingering over feedings, taking extra time in the rocking chair or just sneaking in minutes during diaper changes just admiring my little one. It really does go by so quickly. Ava will turn 3 in December. I've already shed a few tears thinking about that. She's so smart and beautiful. Her favorite thing right now is watching Mary Poppins and speaking in a British accent. Hilarious. Most days I feel like a failure as I'm learning how to communicate with her, teach her and train her for this life. God is good and His Grace is thankful for His Grace in my life.

Hubs is going away this weekend for a mens retreat. I'm praying he enjoys his time and comes home rejuvenated. We are busy, busy with the fall schedule. There is always some sports game or band show or student activity. We love this life and we are thankful to impact lives and have our own influenced, as well. I'm thankful for the routine of the Fall.

My heart is very full lately. I still can't put my finger on just WHAT exactly it is...perhaps its just being. I'm so blessed. We are learning so much and growing a little more each day.
Autumn brings out the best in me...


The Sneaky Mommy said...

You are a BIG encouragement to me! :) Thank you! I think your heart is full because you are an awesome, living example of taking *everything* as a gift from God, directly given back for His glory!

Emily Howrylak said...

Mandi. I know now why we were meant to be dearest friends. I have tried to explain my love for Autumn to those I work with and my words did not flow quite as smoothly as yours. I felt today as if I were the most emotional person in the world. I was riding home in my car with my window cracked despite the cold..... and I closed my eyes to smell the cool air. Then I teared up and prayed thanking God for showing me how to be peaceful through appreciation
......if that makes sense:) I love you Mandi:)

Lisa said...

It sounds like your life and heart is very full these days. :) Enjoy/savor all these days. Oh, and I love autumn too! Many blessings!