Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just pennies, really.

And life continues on with appointments, meetings, expectations, and...bills. However, I must confess - I was NOT ready for what this "normal" week would bring. After several days of horrible sinus pain I made myself go to the Dr to confirm I DID have a sinus infection. I tried for several days to get rid of it sans antibiotics {only because of my summer experience} but it was no use. A bad infection needs drugs! So "cha-ching" went the cash register on that appointment and pharmacy visit.

At the beginning of the week I mentioned how our vacuum was broken. I thought, with my mechanical wisdom, I could figure it out and fix it myself. Wrong. It's hosed. Not only does the power switch not turn off, bag cover not stay on...but, my hubby attempted to vacuum up my daughters Easter bonnet - and snapped the beater bar. It's kind of our hillbilly machine - all taped up and bungy-cord-ed. {don't judge!} I guess 4 or so years is a great run for a machine we used every week! But the sad fact is - we are now vacuum shopping. Sad you know how expensive those things are!? Although, I won't lie and say I'm not excited about a NEW machine...I can tell you I'm not fond of spending chunks of money all at once like that. So, another "cha-ching".

And just when you think the sound of money literally falling out of your account is ending... you go in for a routine oil change and find out 2 new windshield wipers were needed, and by the way, you need:
- a brake fluid exchange
- two new rear tires
- replace your 02 sensor
and...just for good measure and continued safety...
- a smoke evap test because you have an emissions leak and failed something er other.
And the register rings up numbers in the $ _ _ _ range! {almost _ _ _ _!}

After a call to my daddy {of course} to verify that these are all real, legit things - I just sighed. This IS life.
This IS reality.
And really, these are JUST pennies.
But for real... do all these pennies have to be used up AT ONCE!?

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Angie said...

Oh dear, I've had those weeks too! Seems when it rains it pours!!