Monday, January 2, 2012


Today is January 2nd and it's just me and my family. Brad is working from home today - locked up in our bedroom working on his lesson. August is asleep and Ava is watching Milo & Otis. Our tree is still up and all the massive amounts of gifts from family and friends still spill out from underneath. I haven't gone grocery shopping since before Thanksgiving {seriously}. I'm sipping cup #2 of coffee. The dishwasher is full of clean dishes waiting to be placed properly away until their next use. Our oatmeal bowls still grace the table where we ate {as a family} this morning. Even Auggie's high chair tray displays the half chewed cheerios she attempted to eat. It's casual around here. It's calm. I don't want to move for fear it will go away.

I make lists in my head, and on paper.
New housecleaning charts.
Menu plan.
Fun activities for my now 3 year old.
Ways to save a penny.
Home decorations I'd like to try and make.
Books I'd love to read.
Places to go.
People to see.

But, today I won't mess with any of those. Today I will rest. I will stay in my sweats and cozy socks. Ava will stay in her flannel PJ's.

I have a zillion thoughts and ideas on things I'd like to blog about. And yet, can't seem to squeeze them from my brain to fingers to keypad. I dunno...sometimes I wonder if I should even write them out.

Today is recovery day. The Holiday season is over. Family is gone. Friends are back to work. And life will all too soon pick up that frantic pace again. So today we'll take it extra slow. And I'll savor these days of craft time at the table, Milo & Otio {again} and leftovers for lunch.

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