Saturday, January 7, 2012

Waffles, Fern Gully and dollhouses

I went to bed last night with this glimmer of hope that both of my children might sleep until the 7 o'clock hour. I was weary and tired and doing this on my own as hubby is away for the evening. But at 5:50 I heard the littlest call to me. After laying in bed with her for over an hour and not finding sleep again {either of us} - we came down to start the morning, and big sis joined in. I had two frozen waffles left for Ava, some cheerios for Augs and me. We had our breakfast - just my girls and me. Ava and I giggled at watching August try to stuff cheerios up her nose. We love being together.
And now August is napping - Ava is playing dollhouse and Fern Gully is playing on the TV. It's a calm Saturday...I treasure these. I read back through my last post and couldn't help but smile at how similar the feel is - calm. Maybe that will be my word for 2012. I still have a zillion things on my mind - things I can't seem to get out and down on paper. Thoughtful things. Questioning things. Ponderings, I guess. But right now I'm learning to stop...and just play with dollhouses.

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Angie said...

Calm- I think that is a perfect word for 2012. I really need some calmness in my life.

Enjoy this beautiful day dear!