Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oatmeal Mornings

The air was crisp and cool when I woke up this morning. Again. :) Those who know me well, or at all, know these are my absolute favorite days. The air cools down and the skies seem more blue and life starts to slow down a bit. 

As I stirred the pot of boiling oatmeal I couldn't help but smile. It was an oatmeal morning... finally.
And despite the craziness to come in the afternoon - this morning we could enjoy just BEING. Big girl watching her Saturday morning show, baby girl walking around with her crochet blanket, Daddy studying on the couch. All the while that cool air filling the spaces around us.

There is something to a big bowl of steaming oatmeal. 

My stubborn, difficult, testing 3 year old returns to being sweet and loving... for those moments. I need that. I need to see her smile and remember how much I love her and how worth all the discipline I seem to have to dish out all the time is. There is something to cinnamon and sugar and 3 year old girls. 

I shared with a friend the other day that I feel like life experience is my biggest teacher right now. Every day a lesson is learned, and sometimes repeated. I cry over "needs" only to later watch the Lord specifically provide. Why do I even bother with the tears? My little composition notebook of "blessings" has been busy the last few weeks. I've been amazed {again} at just how personally the Lord has provided for us. And yet, if I were honest, I would admit that even now the "how can we ever...." list still flashes into my mind.
I'm a case. Thankfully, not a hopeless one. Thank you LORD for loving me and my momma worries and concerns.

These mornings. These cool and calm and together Oatmeal Mornings. I praise God for them.

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Melody Joy King said...

It was a good Oatmeal morning, even hear in Pennsylvania. We enjoyed some Blueberry baked oatmeal at our house. :0)