Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Vacay peek

The last week of July we were able to spend a week in Northern-ish Michigan at Lake Ann Camp, near Traverse City. I was able to go two years ago when we had only our 1 girlie... and was excited to all be together as 4 for this summer! The week did not disappoint and the Lord took such good care of us.

Earlier in the week the decision was made that I would follow the church van up, in our personal van - with 3 of our jr high girls as well as my own two darlings. 12 hours. It would be a lie to say I was totally comfortable with it. But, once we got on the highway and I cast my very real fears at the Lords feet - we were fine. :) And actually, the ride was pretty nice. I was so thankful for those jr high girls who were able to help me find paci's, comfort crying babes, and just be generally good company :) Their joy was so refreshing to me.

We had to stop a few times to fill up my tire, which, appeared to lose air every couple hours. Finally in some random town in Indiana we realized it was actually a REAL problem. My poor tire looked like a soggy, flat, trash bag. It was a Sunday afternoon so of course nothing was open. It would have been easy to panic. We had two vans full of teenagers eager to get to camp - and now my van was having issues. One of my biggest fears of the trip. And we had NO extra money for repairs. Brad made the decision to head to the next nearest "big" town to see if we could find a Sears or something. The tire wouldn't make it any further... I was nervous. We drove another 10 minutes or so scouring this unfamiliar place for help. Nothing. Closed. Sundays are not ideal travel days. And then right there on the end of the road was a Tire Barn - open! I drove in and explained to the man behind the desk what was going on. I looked beyond his sarcasm...which he felt compelled to use often while speaking with me. But then I remembered it was Sunday and I'm sure he wasn't thrilled to be working. Grace. He took the keys and as I walked away I just let the stress slip away, too. I knew it was going to cost something. Time. Money. Sanity. There is always a cost. So, I let out a breath and slumped into the chair to watch something Olympic-ish on the store TV. No need to keep thinking about it.

About 15 minutes later a different man came to the front desk and called my name. I watched as he scribbled some notes down and then entered some info on the computer. Gulp. And now the bill. He folded up the paper, handed me my keys, gave a quick description of the work done, and then told us to a have a good day. As I stood there with my husband, wallet in my hands ready to pay, I felt confused. The man was gone and there was no bill. Just the well wishing for the day and my set of keys. No charge for labor. No charge for part {valve stem}. We left, and were I not surrounded by people... I would have cried. The God of this universe, who knows my heart and my fears, knew in that moment how I breathed THANKS to Him.

Thankfully that was as much "fun" as was had on the way there. We had a fantastic week and it seems the teens really enjoyed their time, too. Here's just a peek at the fun that was had :)

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