Saturday, August 18, 2012

Those blessings

The Iowa State Fair rolls out of town this weekend. We were able to spend the whole day there yesterday - it was perfect weather. Started out in sweatshirts and ended the day sweaty and hot. Ahhh, end of summer is a wonderful blessing. 

My three year old adored the art building where the top floor was full of dollhouses. It was 3 year old heaven. I was impressed, too. All those miniatures - something about 'em. :) 
Her favorite house was Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. Granted, she's never seen the movie - but, somehow every 3 year old girl I know knows who those characters are. 
We walked around and saw just about everything you could - the famed butter cow, ice sculptures, old tractors, new tractors, Iowa's first church building replica, horses, cows, the SUPER BULL, newborn pigs, newborn chicks, kiddy rides, food vendors, food vendors, food vendors - did I mention food vendors?

Ava had a corn dog, August had chicken tenders and fries... which Ava finished. Mom & dad had the GYRO which totally rocks our worlds every year! Ah, cucumber sauce!  And we polished off the day with a funnel cake :) {note to self: do NOT wear black on days you plan on eating funnel cake}
Next year we will plan on packing food for the girls - waaaaay too expensive for something they may just waste. :/

A great day full of great memories. 
Thankful for each and every blessing of a special family day at the fair! 

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