Sunday, November 1, 2009

**answered prayers**

It was one of those fall days where everything seemed perfect.
The leaves had just exploded into shades of yellow, orange and red.

Wind passing by us was crisp.

Life was at its peak of pleasure as we gazed at all of creation shining before us.

You could smell the trees.

You could feel the sigh of earth as it relaxed in the stillness.
And that's how we felt...still.

I'm discovering the relationship of mother/daughter.
Although always a daughter... this is my first shot at the other side.
I'm overwhelmed with responsibilty.
I'm captivated with love.
I'm eager for the future but hesistant to let go of the now.
My daughter challenges me.
I'm challenged to love.
I'm challenged to try.
I'm challenged to live.

While I try not to live in my past
This time of year always brings a bit of pain for me.

It was around this time two years ago that we found out we were expecting our first baby.
It was around this time two years ago that we started to tell our families...
It was around this time two years ago that our precious child went to Heaven,
before we even said hello.
I don't think I'll ever forget.
And, that's ok with me.

God, in His sovereignty gave me my Ava Edyn.
Because, you see... it was this time last year that I was carrying her.
It was this time last year that I felt her kicks, jabs and pokes in my belly.
It was this time last year that my heart had started healing
and my hope restored.
It was this time last year that the nursery was finished, crib was set up and we waited.
While my daughter is not my idol.
She is my answer to prayer.
She is my reminder that God hasn't forgotten and He never will.
And when I think about baby #1,
I can't help but wonder what Ava's ultimate purpose is...
why she was so special to be allowed to come to me.
To hold, to kiss, to love.

It was a perfect fall day.
It was a perfect reminder.

(All photos by: Katie Swanson,


beccarankin said...

very precious!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Your pictures turned out beautifully!

Tiffany said...

This was so heart touching, and I love your photos!
I gave you a bloggy award - check out my site!

Becky said...

such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your heart today...God is His goodness knows and has a perfect plan. Rejoicing with you on life of your beautiful Ava!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Beautiful pictures! You have a sweet sweet testimony. Thank you!
*Ava is an adorable little charmer, too!

melanie said...

Ava is an absolute doll!! :) what a true blessing from God.