Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Muse: Marriage Conference

I'm completely exhausted this morning, and I have a ton of work to get done - but, I had to take just a few minutes here to share my Monday Muse. Oh, and by the way... Can you believe Thanksgiving is NEXT week!?

Anyway, this past weekend our church put on a marriage conference in downtown Des Moines @ the Embassy Suites. Thrive was the name, getting connected to your spouse was the game. Our speaker, Pastor Nesbitt ( did an incredible job of opening up and becoming vulnerable with he and his wife's story - in order to teach and challenge us. Brad and I had a great time together and left feeling challenged and motivated to WORK at our marriage. Remembering that there is none perfect... and no matter how good things are going, there is always work to do :) I won't go into everything that we learned - because it was a lot, but, I will tell you that this was our first outing alone without our Ava girl. Thankfully, some family members offered to take her overnite so we could go - and what a blessing that was! So we had a lovely dinner out with friends, checked into the hotel and just enjoyed our stay surrounded by church friends and good, godly teaching.

During the conference I saw a lot of couples wearing the shirts that say, "I love my wife", "I love my husband", and, I want one. They look like this if you haven't seen them...

I just felt so proud of the people I saw wearing them - and it sounds so silly, probably, but, it really IS a statement. To wear a shirt this day in age where husbands are belittled and marriage as a whole seems so unpopular. I thought it was a beautiful idea and a great testimony. So, hunny, this is on my Christmas list. :) And, the mug!

Saturday morning we got up early (without the sound of a little girl in the other room calling for me) and headed out for some good coffee. Brad whisked me away to a local coffee house called "Amici" and I got one of the best Caramel Macchiato's I've had in a long time :)
Little things like that have always been a big deal in our marriage and it was so cool to be able to just up and go like the good ol' days.
I love my husband. I love his sensitivity to the word and to our ministry. I love his humor, though sometimes more abundant then needed. I love his smile. I love his personality. I love his easy-going-ness. I love him. What a special treat to get to go out, get away from the norm and receive two days full of truth, undistracted and totally focused on each other and moreso our God.


Moments in Our Story said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time this weekend! Very good point about the shirts and how in todays world husbands are so belittled and put down. I like them too, they make a very good statement!

beccarankin said...

No, I can't believe thanksgiving is next week, and good thoughts about the weekend. Dustin and I loved it, too! The shirts are cute. And the mugs.

Linda said...

Glad you had a good and growing time!