Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Looking back a year

Lastnight on the way home from a quick mall outing - Brad and I were chatting about what our life was like just last year at this time. I was VERY pregnant, we were very tight financially, Brad was battling with his job and wondering just exactly what God had waiting for us...because it couldn't have been that for much longer.
And although things were so rough - we still had so many reasons to be thankful. We were surrounded by good, godly friends that loved us. This picture was at our Thanksgiving dinner last year - with the Jackson/Crocker families :) I think there were like 30 of us so we met at the church. So much good food and fellowship!
I'm amazed at how the Lord's timing is always perfect. Our Ava came 3 weeks later...
Today, the day before Thankgiving, my heart is so tender to the fact of how blessed we are. We have family, we have a home, we have a job, we have an adorable daughter, etc. This past year has been quite the chapter in Pausley Land Adventures thats for sure. We are eager to see what this year holds!