Monday, November 23, 2009

Things loved, things hated

Do you ever have one of those weekends where things just don't go quite as planned? If you have kids I'll answer that one for you... yes. Well, I just had such a weekend. My parents came in for a weekend visit and I was SO excited! We had a great visit with them - and went out to eat @ Bostons pizza, one of Brad's fave places. Overall great weekend! {I miss them already}... so, whats a gal to complain about?! Well, on Thursday night prior to my parents arriving the NEXT day Ava started to get a head cold. It's only her 2nd of the year - so I shouldn't be upset about that... however, she just started heading downhill and FAST. My poor little monkey. She was such a trooper all weekend and just loved being with "Grammy and Grampy" - but she felt miserable, thus saith the runny nose, goopy eye and wheezing chest. (dread, dread, dread) I gave her all weekend to recover, because she usually does, but not this time. So off we go this morning to see the Dr. 1 hour later we left the office carrying a nebulizer (sp?) and perscription for eye drops.

So, while I LOVED the visit with my parents. I was super disappointed that my little doll was a sicky and just didn't have as much fun as she could have. Now to learn how to do this nebulizer for an 11 month old... grrr.

On a lighter {much lighter} note - My Gold Canyon Candle order came in! I have been waiting to fill my home with the smells of Pumpkin Pie and Mulled Harvest. Now I SO am :) On top of that my mom brought me a house warming gift of what else but a candle! A Yankee seasonal candle, at that... my fave! Those are def things LOVED. How can you not love these things?!


Kristi said...

:( Hope she's feeling better soon. Hugs to mom and Ava!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Hope the nebulizer treatments go well! Usually Carson feels so much better after the first few seconds, he just dives into the mask. I hope it's that easy for Ava! You have my complete sympathy! Get well soon, Miss Ava!

beccarankin said...

I am enjoying my candles this year, too. Well, if I can keep them lit. Karis loves to blow them out.

Hope Ava feels better.

melanie said...

mmmm, i LOVE candles!!!!

i hope your baby girl is feeling better.