Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feeling all nostaglic

There's a rule in our house (when Brad is home) that no Christmas music is to be played until after Thanksgiving day. We love Thanksgiving, and it seems like it gets skipped over every year. So, I am thankful for this rule that my husband has so lovingly placed over us...because then it does make me appreciate every holiday - especially one that really is so important. :) That being said... Brad has no problem with me jamming out to my Christmas tunes once in a while when he's not home...and, I do, every now and then.
This morning I'm feeling very nostalgic. Not sure why... But, I love it. I'm remembering being a kid and how life was when I lived at home with my parents. No bills, no kids of my own, no pressures comparitive to now. I'm reliving Christmas memories...even though, as mentioned above... I want to keep Thanksgiving SO special. These Christmas memories keep popping in, and one of the biggest parts of these memories is the music.

My mom does the holiday season right. I remember the house being decked out in all kinds of beautiful holiday displays.... seasonal candles lit, and music on just setting the mood for celebration and reflection. I have a few records burnt into my mind thanks to a certain, "Celebrate the Season with Tupperware" holiday tape my parents would play for years. Good ol' 1987 tan colored casette tape. Wow, weird to write that. I actually looked forward to hearing this tape every year...and (Secret) I took it with me when I went to college, got married, etc. Even though I have NO tape players anymore... It's just such a special part of my childhood, I can't ever let it go. I have every song memorized - each unique way the artist would drag out a note, and I know the timing perfectly of air space between each song. Nostalgia. :) I found a few of the covers of the actual records that are on the tape - and it was so fun to actually go through and find sound clips on line... fun to relive the past and the wonderful memories that accompany each familiar tune.

So, today...as I finish some painting, house work, and other momma duties... I might have to take an emergency trip to the good ol' Salvation Army - find a tape player, and fill my home with the sounds of this wonderful tan colored tape, again :)


Amy@My Front Porch said...

We have that same Christmas music rule at our house only I'm the one who imposed it :) You're totally making me want to bend the rules after reading this :)

I love that you have the songs memorized -- hope you're able to find a tape player :)

melanie said...

oh! i love Christmas music and traditions too!!! such a fun time of year. thats a good rule about playing the music...after thanksgiving, that way you are sure to enjoy each holiday :) but a little Christmas music before thanksgiving could never hurt ;)

i have NOT tried the caramel Macchiato creamer!!! that sounds so good! i am going to look for that! thanks for the suggestion, YUM!! :)