Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday


My friend, and fellow SAHM, Becky does this "Happy Homemaker Monday" post often on Monday's and I always look forward to reading it. I thought I would give it a try. I'm not techy enough to totally understand if I'm copying "Html's" right, or not...forgive me if this fails horribly. Deep breath - here we go...

The Weather in my neck of the woods: FREEZING....ok, mid to high 40's. But, feels so cold considering we were in the low 70's only last week.

One of my simple pleasures: Laying on the floor and letting Ava crawl all over me - not caring a bit that house work is not done.

On my bedside table: Well, our bed is STILL on the floor and no tables...but, beside me I do have two books I'm reading and my bible, along with my fave pen.

On my TV: Off...until MNF.

On the menu for tonight: Well, I'm boycotting grocery shopping until Thanksgiving so I'm trying to use up all of the random things in our cupboards. Tonight we had mashed potatoes with sausage. Brad loved it.

On my to do list: Finish painting the livingroom and reading nook. Mop the front porch.

New recipe I tried last week: Pork Kiev (stuffed pork chops, basically) Pretty good. :)

In the craft basket: Hmmm...need to get one of those. However, I do have 3 terra cotta pots waiting to be painted and set out for the holidays. :) We'll see what a can of red spray paint can accomplish.

Looking forward to: MY PARENTS COMING IN FRIDAY!!!

Homemaking tip for the week: Use the extra shelves in your entertainment stand for baby books and larger toys - they are hidden until needed behind the closing doors.

Favorite blog post from the last week: (Sigh) Really enjoyed my hubby's post about his thankfulness the Jesus is NOT like us. (

Favorite photo from the past week:

(5 months old)

Lesson learned the past few days: God holds our futures in His hands. No amount of planning or prepping changes His divine time.

On my prayer list: The family of little Brooklyn as she came to the world stillborn. I saw her story in the obits this last weekend and just bawled for an hour...don't know them, but cannot imagine the pain of that.

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becky said...

You figured it out! Great job. I enjoyed reading about your day! :) Good plan for no grocery shopping until Thanksgiving...are you hosting?! Enjoy the weekend with your parents!