Friday, February 5, 2010

Cheap stuff

Yesterday was a good day for bargains. I wasn't intending on finding them, or even looking for them, but there they were... Home Depot and TJ Maxx. Home Depot has brightly colored storage bins for $3.98 - which I am in GREAT need of, as I still attempt to sort and pack and store things in our basement. And, though cardboard boxes are great, I don't trust them in our 1914 basement. Another bonus... labels will stick to these! {yes, I am one of those people}

I also noticed that tons of drawer handles, knobs, etc were at super low prices yesterday. I didn't pick any up - because we aren't quite there yet, but some were priced under a dollar and most around $1.19 or so - nice ones. So...just an FYI if you are in the market for drawers, handles or knobs.

TJ MAXX was another suprising trip for me. I can almost always walk out with some kind of good deal - and yesterday was no exception. Look what I found! This vase was only $3! And it goes with my color scheme perfectly! I can already picture the types of things I will put in it... love it.

Another fun find was Christmas cards. I know, GASP, not already...but, I'm always looking for ways to find the cutest card for the cheapest price. We decided that we probably won't be doing picture cards anymore because of how expensive they are and how we really like writing personal messages in our cards. So you can imagine my joy when I stumbled upon these adorable cards for a whopping .70!!!

There are 15 of them and they come with shimmery, silver envelopes! Now, we usually like to go with a more "religious" card, but at .70 cents... we can insert that inside!

(sorry for those really fuzzy, bad pics... I'm NOT a photographer)

My last find was this super cute "Old Glory" plaque thing. It, too, was only $3! And it goes with the era of our home. Brad isn't real keen on antiques or antique-looking things, but, he didn't mind this one. And I'm excited to display it this summer for 4th of July!

On top of my good finds - I had a fantastic time out at a play date and a McDonalds date lunch with my daughter. :) Just a very good day.
I know I've been writing a lot about Ava lately and I hope you don't tire of hearing about that little gal... my heart is very full with her!


Alicia Lenoir said...

Thanks for the good cheap ideas, I will try to look at those places in the next few days. You are using Emily tips right away which is good, that means you learned something. Thanks for the blogs I have enjoyed reading them. They have encouraged my heart this week.

Kristi said...

OOh - thanks for the tips on the bins! We ALWAYS need more of those, it seems.

Nate and I decided that it is our DREAM that the next time we move we would have all labeled plastic storage bins - no boxes.

Wouldn't that be GORGEOUS? (although unreasonable) :)

melanie said...

awesome deals!! i LOVE finding a good bargain :) Those bins are great!! and TJ MAXX is the best store ever!!! They have everything, and you can always find a great deal. I love all your finds!! :) and glad you had a special day with your baby girl, that's all that matters!!