Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wanna go with?

This afternoon I was catching 30 minutes of "Design on a Dime" on HGTV, half watching, half dozing, half wanting to eat chocolate but too lazy to get up and find some... when, all of the sudden a commerical came on. Not your normal house cleaning products, car salesman or diaper commericals...but one that mentioned God and then showed pictures of people I really do enjoy.
(Aka: Nicole C. Mullen, Lisa Whelchel and Nicole Johnson)

The more attention I paid to it - I realized it said this conference was coming to our very own Des Moines, IA. Wait! I live here now... I could actually GO to this!

So, who wants to go with? No, really... anyone remotely interested?
{click the pic for info}


Amy@My Front Porch said...

I am interested! I've heard good things about that conference and I know it's been in Des Moines before. How much does it cost? Nevermind...I'll check for myself :)

Alicia Lenoir said...

I was interested in going as well but didn't know if anyone I knew was going. I would like to meet Lisa and also like Nicole Mullen. The only thing that might keep from going is somebody to watch Maverick and the cost.