Friday, February 26, 2010

Growing up too fast

Check out this link to a Focus on the Family article I got via email this afternoon. At first I was just gonna skim over it but I am glad I took the 2 minutes (literally) to read it through. Good stuff. While my girl is not in her teens or preteens YET {thank the Lord!} I can start taking measures now to prepare, teach and train her. What a challenge! As our culture continues to change and aim more and more at our little ones we need to be ready and on gaurd! Teaching our children to be IN the world but not OF it. If we don't teach them - someone else will, and it may not be how we would want it taught.

This topic has been on my heart the last few days and it seems that every day its impressed a little more. Yesterday I got a FREE book in the mail, "Passionate Housewives desperate for God", and while I haven't started reading it yet - just checking out the blog of one of the writers has got me thinking. Note: These ladies come from Reformed backgrounds and are on the more "conservative" side of life. So, it may not be for everyone. But, I do like their ideas and advice on many things mothering and homemaking. :)

Anyway, check out the article and tell me what you think.


The Sneaky Mommy said...

What a great article! Cloe is only in first grade and several of her classmates have cell phones already! Crazy! I loved the reminders in this article! It's never too soon to be aware and set a guard over our families!

becky said...

Good article! We sure are going to need the Lord guidance and direction as we raise our little girls in today society!