Thursday, February 4, 2010

Passing on to life

We got a text late lastnight to let us know one of our Brothers in the Lord went to be with his Jesus. Why does it seem that if he were older it wouldn't be as painful?

We hardly knew this man. But, from what we witnessed just in these last few months... He loved his God, he loved his wife and loved his two kids. His story of battling cancer with grace and God's strength is admirable. Even up to the end he found reason to praise....

Josiah Johnson - enjoy your Jesus.


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

He is!! Praise the Lord!
Ironically, probably the most appropriate song is on my itunes right now....Untitled Hymn, fly to Jesus. I always thought it sounded so hoaky....not so much today :)

Sara said...

I'm sorry for the void that his departure will leave in his family lives and the lives of those he knew. Even though it is great for someone to meet their Lord it is perfectly natural for those of us behind to be "Home sick."

I think that the death of an older believer who has lived a long life seems easier because of just that reason, they got to live a long life. Deaths of younger believer's seem more difficult because their lives were so short, and it seems as though they had so much more to do.And I think it's hard to understand sometimes that they did exactly what God wanted them to do..He completed his work in their life just like He completed his work in an older believers life.

It is hard, it's hard to take in, it's hard to understand and at times it can even be hard to rejoice. That's why we lean on a God whose understanding is far greater than our own.

It sounds like this brother glorified his Lord tremendously, and now he gets to be in the presence of His Lord...what an amazing thing and yet still hard for those that our left behind.