Thursday, August 26, 2010

Apples, and peaches and cider, Oh my!

Yesterday was cool. Literally, we woke up to a chilly home as the windows remained open overnight...inviting in the feeling of a little early fall. It took a long time for the sun to burn off the crisp feeling and I LOVED IT! This morning was even more chilly - and, though I will probably never be able to explain it. I always feel more alive in this upcoming season.
I know, I know...

There are probably still many days of warm summer left. I am ready for the unexpected heat wave to roll through one more time, or two. And I know that kids are just now starting back to school, splash parks are still open and bathing suits are still on sale at walmart.

But, nonetheless... I'm dreaming of my Fall. Of hot cider on the stovetop, the smell of leaves warming under the sun, cool breezes, sweatshirts and shorts, watching my daughters blond hair shimmer in a sunset... so many things!

But for now I'm getting all my planning done. Family trips to the orchard and pumpkin patch, fall crafts to attempt, dates to go on with my hubby and of course... Fall desserts and meals. :) The list has been narrowed down and this fall in the Pausley home we'll be having:

Cider-Glazed Apply Dumplings

Candied Apple Pie Cheesecake

Apple Streusel Loaf Cake

Peach Raisin Crostata

and of course... homemade classic applesauce.

No worries, we have LOTS of company to help us share all of those!

And, Happy pre-Fall :)


Laura said...

I think you forgot your other favorite part of fall....the yummy candles!! :) Which by the way, you may want to keep Sep. 10 open in the evening for a candle party! ;)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Your list looks amazingly yummy and fun!