Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 84th

This morning I dialed up an all too familiar phone number. The phone rang several times and then that voice... the one I've known my entire life... answered. Just the sound of their voices warms my heart and reminds me how lucky I am to have them. My grandparents.

Yesterday my grandpa turned 84 years old! I asked him how his "big" day went and he just laughed and talked about how he sat in his chair and watched the stream of people come in and out to bring their good greetings. But he enjoyed it...and did have some cake. 84... what a world he's seen! 84 years ago this would have been the typical sighting on the road:

And perhaps as he grew a little bit he may have played with this toy...

The president then was signing all kinds of new "tax" laws, etc.... {2pts if you know WHO}

And the clothes at that time...were... well, just classy! If you had money to own them!

So much has changed. He has lived through the depression, the Korean war, raising 3 sons and now watching his 6 grandkids and 6 great-grandkids live their lives. He's an amazing, tender but firm, loving, generous, patient, funny man. He's my grandpa and I'm so blessed to have him! And we continue to pray that very soon he'll call on the name of Jesus and be saved... it's on my everyday prayer list!

And just for fun - here's what was in the news headlines this weekend 84 years ago. I can bet you wouldn't see the silly things we read about Paris Hilton, Lindsay what's-her-face or some football star shooting up a place. However, there were shootings... at Al Capone. :/

-Germany was admitted to the "League of Nations"
-Robert Goddard launches first liquid-fueled rocket.
-Winnie-the-Pooh is published by Author A. A. Milne
-5,000,000 Unemployed in Europe with 2 million in Germany and 1 million in England
-John Logie Baird gave first public demonstration of a television
-Henry Ford announces the 40-hour week
-Radio network National Broadcasting Co ( NBC ) is launched
-Fidel Castro, Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Hefner were born this year.

Happy 84th Birthday weekend Grandpa!

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