Monday, August 23, 2010

This IS my life

So many funny little things happen in my every-day life. My husband is just one of those naturally hilarious people... always singing, or quoting lines from a movie or favorite TV show. He has nicknames for everyone and is just overall quite entertaining to watch live.

My daughter has inherited some of his traits. She always has a tune on her tongue or is doing some little jiggity-jig in the living room. She is learning a new word every hour {so it seems} and loves to try to say them correctly. Yesterdays word was, "shadow". So at one point I heard her say "shadow" about 10 a row. :) She is into everything including our Clue game, my journal {with a pen!}, the computer room, baby powder, magic markers, daddy's deodorant and... of course... every cupboard.

I'm learning to find joy in my every day life. I'm learning to value and appreciate my husband and my daughter more fully. Though, every day is a choice...and some days I fail miserably.

Lastnight as I was changing Ava's diaper and getting her ready for her bedtime bath - I let her run around naked as a jay bird. She loves that. And Brad and I just love to sit together on our couch and laugh out loud about how funny she is - she runs around like a crazy person, singing and dancing and flipping. As if her clothes were holding in this new little girl. Anyway, long story short - in the middle of all of this fun - she squatted and... a-hem, well, you know what... on our carpet!!! Right in the middle of the room... in front of us! We were both a little too shell shocked to do anything at first. So we just burst out laughing. And Ava just stood there looking at us, wide eyed and confused. After a good laugh I cleaned it up - thankfully it wasn't too messy - and we continued on with the bedtime routine. Needless to say, we may be rethinking the naked running around thing.

This morning we all slept until about 8:15. It was lovely and refreshing and we are so thankful for those Monday mornings that we actually make it to 8:15! I woke up a few minutes before everyone else and just lay there thinking of how blessed I am. How blessed the 3 of us are for having each other! These are such special days and I just want to save every one in my heart. We had such a precious family weekend...
-Redbox movie date night @ home, two nights in a row! Just me and the hubs.
-Babysitting a friends little boy who also happens to be one of Ava's favorite play friends.
-International Coffee's Mocha mix when Starbucks is just a leeetle too far away.
-Farmers market on saturday, strolling around and looking at the crowds and produce
-Pizza Hut dinner Sunday night

This IS my life. I'm a blessed woman trying to enjoy the every day moments. There is joy in every single one.

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becky said...

what a lovely post! Ava's little incident cracks me up too :)