Thursday, August 12, 2010

DIY: Bench redo!

Remember that ol' Piano bench I found at Sal Val a few months ago? {sigh, yes, its been MONTHS now}
Well, I finally buckled down and got it done! My hubby spoke up the other day and asked if we could go to Hobby Lobby... WHAT?! Of course yes to that one! So off we went - and, after picking up just the right upholstry, staple gun and padding we had all the makings for a great bench. :)

Here is the upholstry color. I love how many colors it has in it...really opens up the color options for the rest of the room. However, I'm starting to think RED and CREAM are my comfort colors as right now all the accents are that color.

And here's a shot of what it looks like with the finished shelf, "P" and redone clock.
(I still have to put the door handle back on the front door)

And now for the fun before and after shot!

So exciting to get things done! OH the visions I have for this room for the fall! :)


Jacobs Family said...

I'm always inspired by you, Mandi! Great job! I'm definitely copying some of your ideas when we finally have a house of our own (hope that's okay!). I already have one of those wall hanging things you painted and put in Ava's room. I'm so excited to do the same for Marie!
Hope you're doing well!

becky said...

Mandi...your bench looks fantastic! You have great vision and are so creative...what a great piece for the room!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I love it! Red and cream are my comfort colors too! Love how your front porch is gaining character! :) It's lovely!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Looks GREAT Mandi! Makes me want to find a bench like that for ourhouse!