Thursday, August 19, 2010

Iowa State Fair

( @ the mist fountain)

Brad and I saw a shirt a few weeks back that read, "I went to the Iowa State fair and all I got was type 2 diabetes". I'll admit - I laughed, out loud. Not because diabetes is funny...because obviously its not, but, because seriously that fair is all about the food! And after our funnel cake, root beer & beef sundae (don't ask) it was pretty much time to call it a day.
(coming out of the vine tunnel with momma)
(the garden spot play thingy)

I felt like we didn't get to make it all the way around the fair this year - life is just so very different with this precious Ava girl. She was phenomenal in behavior, but, the hours just flew by and before we knew it bedtime was fast approaching. She did have a blast with the things we did do - tho!

(first time touching a cow AND riding a pony!)

Until next year! Happy State Fair season!


beccarankin said...

I've heard about this beef sundae from a couple of people now. What exactly is it, and is it good?

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Mmmm...beef sundae! :) The fair seriously just keeps getting better and better the older our kids get! We went *3* times this year! Crazy! I never thought we'd be *those* people!