Thursday, September 23, 2010

Buh-Bye Summer

Did anyone stay up to see the harvest moon last night? Supposedly it was amazing... and the sun passing over the equator now pushes us full force into a most beloved FALL! Happy Fall!

I messed up our meal schedule and somehow don't have anything "Fallish" on the menu for tonight :( And with the rain pouring down outside it doesn't look like we'll get to our "1st day of Fall walk" after that "fall dinner". Ah well - my pumpkin candle is blazing away downstairs, its kinda gray and cool and feels like fall... we'll take it! And, this weekend we are planning a pumpkin patch/corn maze trip to a local place. I think Ava is just the right age to LOVE that!

Last week Brad's mom was in for a grandkid/family visit and I made an apple pie from scratch! {well, for the crust I scratched open the box of crusts} But I did do all the rest! It was delish and a fun way to celebrate a new season.

It also got me in the mood for holiday baking. So, I may or may not have busted out a few of my Christmas and Thanksgiving cookbooks. Don't judge!

Last week I also pulled out some of my Autumn decor only to realize, I have very little to pull out. Mostly homemade things my mom whipped together - sewn pumpkins, etc. Things I love. But now that I own a home - I'm seeing how much more creative I need to be. We can no way purchase new decor for every holiday... so I turned to nature this year. We have been gathering acorns from local parks and in front of our house, sticks with berries on them, leaves to press and dry, dried corn cobs, etc. I was able to purchase a table runner for our dining room table - gotta love Kohl's deals!

So in my mind... even if 90 degrees comes back again... I'm sayin' "Buh-Bye Summer", it was nice knowin' ya! :)


ClassyGal said...

Your apple pie looks amazing and I'm sure it tasted awesome too!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Ok, your apple pie looks like it should be in a magazine! Seriously envious of your baking skills :)

And thanks to a Pumpkin Spice Latte from an awesome friend and burning my Mulled Harvest candle that I got yesterday, I was almost ready to say buh-bye to summer myself...ALMOST :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Daughter-in-law of the year! That pie looks delicious! SO glad sweet Linda got to come for a visit! I know she loves those grandbabies!!!