Thursday, September 2, 2010


Because my husband is a youth pastor we often times get random things in the mail. Well, I suppose all of you do, but, our random things are kinda fun. We've gotten samples of mugs with music groups names on them, band pins, goop mix (sticky stuff basically), prayer rugs, etc. Apart from fun mail we also get little random "youth pastor boxes" from our local Family Christian Store full of equally random "youth" things - including tester CD's of new bands, weird t-shirts that would never sell and book know, those kinds that have just chapter 1 then a bunch of ads.

Several months ago in one such box we got one of the break-out music cd's. I always love those. It's such a mixed bag of weird, slightly good and just... "never gonna make it" music. There was a group on there called, "Tal & Acacia" that I had never heard of but intriqued me after hearing their song, "Garbage In"... they kind have a Barlow Girl-ish, Sixpence, kind of sound, maybe a tinge sweeter? Anyway, after doing some research I came across their song "Yahweh" and it was so refreshing and encouraging to me this morning. So you just never know what will be an encouragement to you in a day, do ya?! So thankful for Yahweh!

I want to Gaze at you
Soak in all you do
Sit so simply at your feet
Listen To your voice so sweet
And Let time Pass Away
(Chorus) As I simply Praise Yahweh
My Lord I cry Jehovah Elohim
The Lord Most High
and When my hands are raised
My Knees they fall
As I simply Praise Jehovah
Cry As I see your blood stains
Overwhelmed As I see your pain
And I'll dance, dance,
dance Because I am set free
You are my conqueror Jehovah Nissi
And Let time Pass Away
Do I believe that you're my God
That You're all I need
So Let time Pass Away
My Daddy, My Abba, My Best Friend

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