Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Enjoying one of those Saturdays where everyone seems to just be letting out a long sigh from a busy week. Our house is in total choas as toys and dishes, clothes and shopping bags are tossed about here and there. It's a no cleaning, lounging on the couch, football on tv kind of day - and we like it like that. At least... for a few hours. This afternoon we'll get a gussied up to attend a wedding and then life will kick back into overdrive - but for now, the robe is still on, hair pulled back in the ponytail and the hubs is propped up in his favorite spot in his pj's. {sweet}

I'm thinking about getting back into photography. Ok, wait a minute, I'm thinking of getting INTO photography. I've always loved taking pictures, tho nothing fancy and def with no skill involved. I haven't a clue on how to use any kind of picture program on the computer or any of the terms for angles, etc. But I do love capturing beauty in a moment. Prior to Ava joining our family I used to sneak out and take "nature shots" all the time. Mind you we've always lived in a "city" so my nature shots were spiders in our bush out front, or a pinecone on the sidewalk... but still nature. A few years ago Brad was a guest speaker at Camp Bayouca in NY state. I was able to go with him and we had a great weekend ministering to some teens and spending some solitude time away from our jobs - in a more nature-ish place. One morning I woke up early and grabbed my lil' camera and just went picture happy. This morning I was looking back through them, thus the new notion to get into photography somehow. I love what I see on the other side of a camera lens!

And I don't have the skill... I just know what I like - so I find it and shoot it. But, maybe someday...somehow... I could really get into it. But for now, back to lazy Saturday.


Alicia Lenoir said...

The Picture off the pier is absolutely beautiful. I have a friend who is starting her own photography business and just started out using a simple camera. She took some classes on photography and has saved up to buy a pretty fancy camera. She goes to Saylorville her name is Ashley Michaelson. I will look up her page for facebook, her photography business is named shiloh photography. She is really big into taking nature pictures as well, I am sure she would be able to help you out with some of the photo programs on the computer.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Hey! Bayouca is the camp Dave grew up going to/working at. Small world :) And I think you've got some natural talent! That dock picture is awesome!