Saturday, September 25, 2010

Letting go of One

Today is September 25th. {Exactly 3 months from Christmas} SORRY! I had to...

Anyway, today is the 25th and the month has been flying by us. It dawned on me this last week how fast my little girl is growing up - just about as fast as the months keep flying by. Makes sense I guess. She's be 2 Dec. 16th!

She's is saying so many words and partial sentences. She has preferences and opinons. She interacts with me and others. She's intelligent and loves learning. Lately she has been taking her leap frog fridge magnets and lining them up in a horizonal line across the fridge. Then, if you listen closely, she begins to rattle off "the alphabet" : "A, B, D, Sick, J, P, A, 2". (sick, is six, btw) Everything has an order with her. From the way she lines up those magnets, to her bath toys all on the side of the tub, to her books and baby dolls. She loves to count and can get all the way to 10 by herself - with me only helping on 7. For real!

When we are in the car listening to a cd she says, "next song" each time one ends. She asks for "Burgers" by name as well as "milk", "apples" and the generic "snack". She's understanding the idea of the potty though she's not quite ready to take the plunge (ew, pun!) and can now name several body parts when she's in the tub.

My little girl is growing up and changing. And causing her momma to sigh in both pride and a little tinge of sadness. I'm slowly but surely preparing myself to say goodbye to One. It is NOT easy. But with every unprompted "Tank too" (thank you), bear hug, or act of obedience... it's makes it a little more easier to accept.

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beccarankin said...

that picture is absolutely adorable. I love watching them grow.