Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Decorating... on a budget

Anyone else battle with materialism this time of the year {through Christmas}? I do. Last night our pastor publicly prayed for the women in our church to avoid materialism, coveteousness, etc. and I am thankful for his prayers... as I do struggle with those temptations on a week to week basis. Praise the Lord that we don't have a ton of "extra" stacks of money lying around just waiting for me to buy "things" with. But I will tell you... I do like to celebrate seasons and holidays with my family, and, I am teaching my daughter to how keep a home - this includes some pretty little things here and there.

As I mentioned a few posts back, when it comes to Autumn decor my options are limited. Thankfully, a few darling boys from church went on an acorn hunt for me. That helped. And I found a few antique candle holders that were my great-grandmothers. They have pretty orange glass inside some black iron ball shaped holders. Sounds weird - but, they are great for this time of the year. I have been trying to come up with some FREE or very cheap ideas to kind of transform our home a little bit. Since I have no degree in design or art or the like... I have to rely on those people who get paid to do it. (or friends that don't mind if my house practically mirrors theirs) Intro... my beloved... I know I say this all the time, but, I find SO much use from that site & magazine. Just today I got October's issue and its jam packed with fall recipes, decor & garden ideas, etc. If you have an extra $3 it would be worth your money, I think. Anyway, the other day i was on the site and came across this -

This is their Dried Gourd Luminaries! Go ahead, sigh and awwww, I did. I think they are so gorgeous and would make a wonderful table centerpiece or entry way table thing, er, whatever. My only problem is... coming across large dried gourds isn't happening. I've checked. Please share if you know of any. So here's my idea: instead of drilling fresh gourds - I'm going to get some gold and bronze glitter from my local Dollar Tree, grab some glue and instead of fire holes... I'll have glitter dots that will catch the sun instead. :) The Dollar Tree has fake gourds right now, too! The garland is beautiful... and I'm on a hunt for a cheap way to get that, too. Simple. Easy. and afforadable. And, if I use the fake gourds...something I can use again and again! If you'd like to see the REAL instructions on these beauties - check it out here.

Another idea came from the Thrify Decor Chic - also involving things from dollar stores. LOVE. And instead of explaining I'll just post a pic and let you check it out here. {I did not take this is from her amazing site}

But, here's my question... what are some things you do to make your home a Fall haven for your family? Special foods or decor? Types of music? rearrange anything?

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

I'm with you -- I really don't have a lot of fall decor and I'm too cheap to buy any right now! I did make a wreath out of cornhusks that was super easy, I think I posted about it awhile back. But my FAVORITE way to make our home feel fallish is just burning candles!