Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sept. 1, 2010

We woke up this morning to overcast skies, damp trees and grass and I think I caught a whiff of someone who was either burning leaves (already!) or possibly turned on their wood burning stove...tho I can't imagine it got THAT cold last night.

September. I love it. And this year we will be making the most of it. Afterall, we are fully moved in - this time last year we were closing/packing/moving. I went to Hobby Lobby this morning with Ava girl and we walked almost every aisle hoping to get some ideas on how to spruce up our home a bit. Autumn is my favorite and every aisle held a crazy expensive temptation. I found what I was looking for and we quickly left before I caved on the $20 plastic pumpkin! ahhh! WHO pays that?!

So, the Autumn decor is going up today. It's my own little tradition. I love putting up the red, glittery leaves above the kitchen window. My home-made harvest wreath is on the front porch door, pumpkin spice candles are burning and Mozart is playing in the background. The mood is set in my home. It's warm and comfortable... and I can't help but bubble over with Thanksgiving for another awesome year the Lord has given to us. While I know Thanksgiving is still months away... this time of the year always seems more "thanksgiving-ish" to me. Routine is back. I dunno.

The "Summer, Slow Down Bible Study" has been going well with the girls. This week we looked at choosing coaches and cheerleaders {aka: mentors and encouraging friends} and the girls open up a little more each week. It's refreshing to sit down with teen girls and hear them open up about life and their struggles and victories, fears and failures. What a challenge. And I love the groups diversity... homeschool, public school, Christian school.... newly saved, saved at childhood, maybe not saved. I'm thankful for this opportunity and eager to watch them all grow. Something dawned on me this past Monday night, and it's going to sound weird - but, these girls are just like me. They all have insecurities. They want friends but don't have the 'know how' of how to get good ones. They battle the flesh. They desire God. It just struck me that sometimes I feel so distant and far away...but it wasn't too very long ago that I was the 15 year old sitting on my youth pastors wifes' couch, feeling squirmy and awkward but so wanting that attention and guidance.

Sigh. So many thoughts today. God is good. September 1, 2010 - welcome!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

You are so encouraging and refreshing, Mandi! Happy Fall! Hope you find lots of fun ways to celebrate with Little Miss Ava!

melanie said...

autumn is such a wonderful time of year!! i too am so excited!!! all the fall decorations and colors and smells....oh i cant wait.

thanks for your comments on my blog! :) crazy to think my babys birth is so close!! you are right- im taking each moment of these last days in. from the kicks, wiggles and hiccups.

God is so good.