Monday, September 20, 2010

Love/Hate relationship

After over a week of being computer-less we are back up and surfing the web again. Well, my surfing really only covers a few sites...but, still, we are back. The Geek Squad sat here at this very desk and worked on our beast computer for 2 hours, killing multiple viruses and installing our new internet protection. Thank you Geek Squad!

I have a love/hate relationship with technology - this even include my microwave. I know it's important stuff and helpful, obviously, I love being able to blog or shop or whatever... but, as much as I love it - I hate the problems that come with it. Today I found out that people actually get paid, as a job, to create viruses! Can you believe that? Imagine a man walking out in the morning and saying, "bye honey, I'm off to infect half the states computers with internet viruses". What kind of person is that?! Bah virus making people, bah!

Hmmm... other news...
Ava is now 21 months old.
Fall is fully underway in our youth ministry and super super busy.
Brad's mom came for a visit last week.
We are going to OK in October for a wedding

Yea, not too much. Happy Monday!


beccarankin said...

Cute post. I laughed as a picture came into my head of those virus people. I bah them along with you.

Jacobs Family said...

I hear ya about technology. I have to say a Mac would make your life much easier! While it's a bigger investment in the beginning... you won't ever need the geek squad to spend hours trying to get rid of viruses! And you can actually get a refurbished Mac for a very decent price.