Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's try this again...

I have been trying for TWO days to get just the right background template, layout, etc. etc..blah blah blah and I'll tell you what - there is NO more time allowed on this! :) I hope you enjoy a taste of fall on my blog now instead of just reading about it! :) Man o' Man I have so much to learn about all of this.

Happy September! My little fam and I celebrated today by sleeping in, having Cinnamon-Nutmeg pancakes for breakfast and then spending most of the mid-morning @ one of our local parks. It was a toasty 58 degrees and there could be nothing more perfect in my mind then watching my little one run around with her denim jacket on...blond hair blowing in the wind! My hubs and I had a pretty great time, too. I don't think we have swung on monkey bars or gone down slides in quite some time... it was so refreshing just to cut loose and have fun together. And it helped that NO ONE was at the park but us! {love daddy's Fridays off!}
Football season is underway, the breeze is cool and the windows are open! No offense Dean Martin, but, this is the "most wonderful time of the year!".

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beccarankin said...

Love the pic of you and Ava. It is the most wonderful time of the year and I'm so glad to open my windows and let all come in!!!!