Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Before and After : Hair edition

I haven't had a good cut since Ava was born... well, before Ava was born. So if you are counting, that's about 2 years. It was well overdue.

Here is before:
The long, super thick, broken ends shot -

And, about an hour later and a wonderfully talented hairdresser:
The new look -

I love it! And, haven't had bangs since college... when it looked more like a tidal wave on my forehead rather then hair. ;) don't believe me? ...

Told ya!


beccarankin said...

I LOVE it!

becky said...

your haircut looks very cute! Love how we are all sporting the tidal wave in that pic..ha!

Teri Selbher said...

Cute!! Cute!! Cute!!!