Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Shopping: Done

This weekend we picked up our last gift for Ava's Christmas. I think I'm more excited about it then anyone else...

I have been wanting to get her a little kitchen for SO long and didn't have any luck this summer @ yard sales or any of the goodwill/salvation army stops I made. I was seriously bummed to find out how much these things ran cost wise :( But, lo and behold, this week I got that target Christmas toy catalog and it was full of coupons. And there on one of the pages was an ad for this Step 2 kitchen- complete with coffee pot, pans, spoons and a phone! lol. And with the coupon it was under $65! So exciting! So we grabbed one yesterday {one of the two left on the shelf!} and headed for home.

This morning Ava went and sat in front of the big box and was telling me, "a kitchen, a sink, an apple" and all the things she could see. I don't think that she knows its hers.. but just watching how excited she was by just the picture on the box made me SOOO excited. I can't wait to see her little eyes light up when she opens it at Christmas time. Since we are going to Ohio this year - she'll get it a few days earlier - which means we'll both have time to play with it! :) What an amazing feeling to watch your children enjoy something.... it's priceless!

Now all we need is some pretend food and she's set. The cashier at Target told me to keep my eyes open, that in the next few weeks they'll have pretend food sets in the DOLLAR BIN! :)

Sa-weet! Now if only I can restrain myself from giving it to her... like today. ;)

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