Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snowflakes are falling today...

I arrived home lastnight from our "vacation". The quotes are because....
1) Everyone got the flu - minus me and Ava. So we really didn't do anything.

2) All the delicious Thanksgiving food never even got to be leftovers because of how sick everyone was...and we feared contamination.

2) Ava was a LOT of work seeing how I was a single parent, basically, the entire week - while Brad recovered.

I'm not in a funk, really. Just stating the facts. But, it was nice to enjoy sitting in shorts on the porch swing in 80 degree weather. And it's always nice to be with family you don't often see. {even if they were all puking}

Ava has been waking up XTREMELY early...she woke up shortly after 6am every day in FL due to the bright sun. But, here, I don't know what her excuse is. She's back in her normal bed, semi-normal routine with just us here... {sigh} ok, maybe I am in a little bit of funk. I'm tired.

Let me refocus here.

SNOW is falling. Keep in mind it's tiny...and I'm probably the only one who can actually see it...but, it is. I have Christmas music on and have started pulling out the bins of Christmas decor. It will be a good day. I want it to be a good day. This morning I grinded and brewed my first pot of Christmas coffee... complete with Peppermint Mocha creamer. If you haven't heard me rave on and on about this specific coffee... here's a quick promo:

Santa's White Christmas Blend from Barnies Coffee is amazing. It's a flavored coffee that just tastes like Christmas goodies. The beans are white because of the flavor coating... yum. It makes your home smell amazing while its brewing - and it actually tastes like what it smells like. It's my fave. And since we were just blocks from an actual Barnies... could not resist! You can order online, too. Just click the link.
I wish I could sit around in some sweat pants today, sip my decaf and just listen to music. I'm severely tempted, actually. Too bad I have a jillion things on my list to get done... and a little girl that has now disappeared from my side and is no doubt eating toothpaste or scouting out my chocolate stash. Let it snow...


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

mmmm....coffee coffee. Like my best friend today!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Welcome home! Sorry about the sickies, but very glad you and Ava didn't catch it! It's been snowing over here off and on today, but it's so windy it's all gone! Hope you got your errands run and stayed semi-warm! Brrr!!!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Ah...bummer about everyone being sick :(

That coffee sounds delish!