Thursday, November 4, 2010

So many reasons to THANK God

I had a really rough night from the hours of say, 11-2 and then 5-8am this morning. I've had this weird cough/phlegm thing going on for a few days now, only, it's not really days at all...always nights, always when I just want to crash in bed and drift off peacefully, always, always, always. So I hack and cough and make all sorts of hideous noises until my hubs says, "you ok? Need me to do anything?" And I sigh, "no" and wish there was something he could do. I roll over and think if I prop up a leeetle bit higher the pointless coughing will end... nope. So that was from 11-2am. Then, at 5:20 I hear a little girl talking in her bed. Ava ALWAYS sleeps till after 7/7:30. Dreaming? So I perk up and sure enough, she's kinda whining, talking and saying, "momma". So I ask Brad what time it is... 5:20?! NO way! I peek in and she's curled into a perfect ball with her hiney up in the air - arms tucked beneath her, shivering. Poor poor baby girl. I thought I could use her summer PJ's one more time. You know, the ones with a short sleeve t-shirt and silky pants. In a home where the thermostat is set to 64 tops! Wrong again. So I tucked her huge blanket up around her and she went back to sleep, whew! {still confused on how those kiddos can't stay under a blanket twice their size... but oh well} So, Ava was taken care of... but now I was fully awake and, yep, you guessed it, the coughing was starting up again. Rather then annoying my husband for the next two sacred hours of rest - I headed to the couch. And there I attempted to rest until 7ish when a certain little girl was awake again and a certain handsome guy was getting ready for work. NO REST FOR THE WEARY. I couldn't fathom moving off of that couch - did I even sleep lastnight? And, I have a very busy little one - who, if I don't get off of this couch - will take everything out of every drawer, cupboard and basket.

But, now, a few hours later while Ava is down for her nap and Brad is at work and I may {or may not} have Christmas music playing throughout the house... I'm just feeling thankful and its taken over my exhaustion. I have so many reasons to thank God today.

-my coughing is just a nagging cold
-my daughter is alive, healthy, and dependant on me
-my husband has a job to go to
-we have beds and couches to lay on when we are feeling ill
-I have a daughter
-I have a husband
-we have blankets and heat and a home, which is more then over half the world can say
and the list goes on.

Am I tired? You bet. But, so many good reasons to be tired. I'm a blessed woman and so thankful today for all that God has done in my life.


Jacobs Family said...

So true. Thank you for the encouragement! Hope you feel better soon!

Sara said...

this morning while i was working on my home business Ellie got into some of Zachary's rice cereal and sure enough it was all over the carpet. I had to vaccume. And when I discovered her mess I looked into her sweet eyes and was so thankful that I had a little girl to put cereal on the floor. :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Mandi--I'm so sorry about your cough! I often get the same thing. My dad buys a special cough syrup from a pharmacist in our small town that has knocked me out since I was five years old. It's got codeine in it--I love it! The Hy-Vee pharmacy might have it.
Hope it goes away your thankful, sweet spirit!