Thursday, February 24, 2011

Commence Painting

Yesterday, out of nowhere, I got this massive burst of energy. I popped open the can of April Blush paint and went to town while the little one slept. Then I had the idea to turn on a podcast since I was in the "computer room" and had access to it. It was wonderful - just painting away listening to Erwin McManus. What a lovely afternoon!

Here's some of the progress...

The entry door and closet door (on the left) - and the location I chose to start painting. Seems like the safest for now with a little girl running around. I made that wooden "A" months ago and still never managed to get it up on the wall. We'll for sure use it in her new room. This is the BEFORE of the walls.
Ta-da! And AFTER some of the pink up ~! It matches the quilt perfectly! And, I'm so thankful to have girls to be able to do cutesy stuff like this for. :) God knew I needed a girl!

My paint inspector approved the color and the idea that this was, indeed, her big girl room! It was also a great teaching opportunity about what color it was, if she liked it or not, and why she is moving into a new room. What a fun project! More pics to come in the weeks ahead!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Love the pink!!! Ava is completely looking ready to be a big sister! Wow--she looks so grown up and cute! :)

Emily Howrylak said...

The color is just as I imagined.......a beautiful, whimsical, fairy tale pink! I love it:)