Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our every "need"?

This morning as I chatted with my mother on Skype - I was reminded of how thankful I am to live in a country and in a day when such communication is possible. She is in Ohio, I am in Iowa - so, not exactly a "stones throw" away - and I value our conversations, I miss her...and my dad. I even miss their dog.

I always imagined that when I "grew up", got married and had babies that I would be raising them near my family. I always thought thats just what you do when you had kids. Imagine my surprise to find out that, actually, not many people are blessed with that at all. Sometimes, especially at church on Sunday, I feel my heart tug a little when I see friends who DO have their parents around them... to hold their babies, chase their toddlers and just be there for support. Not that that's all parents are good for - but, they sure are good at it ;) I always wonder what it would be like to have parents over for Sunday lunch or...something like that? But, after saying all that - I am so thankful to be where we are and in this stage of life. God allows me to build my "family" with so many brothers, sisters and even mothers in this family of God. I am thankful.

My personal God knows my personal needs and He fills them in His time.

Recently I've been working on the beginning stages of planning Ava's room. I've mentioned that before. I really want to make it special. I want it to be a place of love and a room where she can grow into that little girl-ness that she's already started. I want to teach her to read in there, show her how to dress herself, how to organize hair things and shoes... stack books, play baby dolls and mate socks. I love having a girl. We don't have loads of extra $ for all the frills and cutesy things I'd love to buy her - and, that's probably a good thing. We want her to grow up to be a thankful child. But, you know how when you have your heart set on something... and you just can't get past it? That's how I've been with bedding. Silly, I know. There are so many other important things in life. I know that. But I so love the Hannah bedding at PB Kids. I say love lightly - though, it is a strong affection. I love it's simple classy look. I love that its reversible. I love the quality of it... knowing it could be passed down from daughter to daughter and still look great. I hate the price.

My mother... is a giver. She's always been a giver. Generosity is in her blood. And I'm not even joking around with you when I tell you - that much admired bedding is now on its way to my sweet 2 year old, compliments of Grammy. And I'm not even kidding when I tell you... that my eyes misted over when I read the text, "the quilt is on its way". Wow.

Today I feel like my mom is living next door. Like we had coffee together this morning and chatted about that quilt. I'm so thankful. Another "need" done. Another "something" cared for...

And, I have to share a pic of this quilt that I'm going ga-ga over.

I know Ava's room won't mirror this one...
but, she will have a special quilt - just from Grammy - to keep her warm at night. :) That's enough for me!


beccarankin said...

Awww.... my eyes misted up, too! What a blessing!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I was seriously, SO excited for you when I saw your FB post. isn't it nice to know that God sometimes gives us above and beyond what we need? Can't wait to see what you do with Ava's room :)