Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Foot

We had a family first lastnight - hopefully, the first of many... We took Ava bowling with the youthgroup! She loved it! Even before we got there she just kept talking about it and was bubbling over with joy - without a clue as to what she was excited about. :) That may be my favorite thing about my daughter lately - her pure bliss about things even when she doesn't understand them. Childhood is beautiful.

The picture above is my Ava girl with one of our teens - wearing the same shoes! Did you know bowling alley's have toddler sizes? I sure didn't! What a fun thing - if you can get past those germy ideas floating around in your momma heads. :) Besides the cute shoes I love that you can see her fru-fru gray dress and chubby little fingers in that picture. She is precious. Brad and I loved watching her "bowl" and dance to the music that was playing. She had the time of her life! This morning she woke up telling me "next time I go bowling..." and then a string of a story to go with it. :)

And, as always... this picture reminds me of something.
How fast life goes. Because I know that just a few short years ago that teen in the picture was wearing that small size shoe - was a little foot, like my little peanut is now. Am I working as hard as I can to mold that little brain NOW? Teaching her life skills and biblical character qualities? Are we having FUN in this life God has given? What is she learning from me?

The Lord brings this to mind constantly. Praise Him for that. With every event and circumstance in life I'm drawn back to 1) how I'm living my life and 2) how my life impacts my children. My Little Foot.

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Emily Howrylak said...

How adorable..... I know you and Bradley are wonderful parents and you are soooo right...just like when you walk in the snow and they step in your footprints so they will know where to go.....children will do the same in their Christian walk with God:) Another reason I love don't just do things cause' you know it is do them because you are excited to please God...I sense an urgency and excitement to always be the best mother you can be:) Ava is Blessed.