Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upcoming DIY projects...aka: crazy prego lady thinks she has spare time!

I have ten tra-zillion things on my to-do list. Including some majors like: paint and set up an entire toddlers bedroom, birth a child, etc. I'm also a part of the decorating committee for an upcoming womens event at our church. Never mind the fact that other normal life committments are thrown in there, too. It all balances, really, it does. I've so enjoyed learning a few new crafty type ideas from lovely crafty-type ladies recently...so, I'm taking the plunge and attempting some at home, for our home. {commence nail biting}

Today I stopped by Salvation Army to look for some vases for a project we are working on for that committee I mentioned. While there I came across a few "tasty" pieces. Well, they aren't yet, but they will be!

Item #1 - assorted hideous vases:

The goal for these bad boys is to turn from random, ugly, unwanted vases to... beautiful, spray painted, matching centerpiece. Throw in some misc pretty sticks or flowers - who knows?! So that's project #1.

Item #2 - Trio of galvanized mini pails:

I've seen these used a ton of different ways in Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn, etc. I even found this idea in the newest PB catalog just this afternoon...
But what I'm thinking is (after I get that weird purple stripe thing off) stuffing it with some silk eucalyptus - looking plants and use it in our bathroom on the counter. OR, maybe even for St. Pat's decoration with some other greenery. Maybe on a nice table runner on the dining room table. Or, maybe bunched on my old-looking tray. Endless ideas on this one. We shall see.

I also found a neat basket, some other mini vases, and little odds and ends that I hope I can beautify somehow. Am I nuts?!

I did finally frame and put out some family pictures - now that they are a whopping 5 months old! I love my built in... it's such a nice display area. I think it turned out ok for now. :)

The little "Blessings" sign was a TJ Maxx find a few weeks ago - I think $3 or something. Score!

So, yea... maybe keep your eyes peeled and who knows - maybe one or two of these DIY ideas will pop up here soon!

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Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Tra-zillion, eh?! :) Love it :) I'm getting rid of some of my cheap finds because I have zero time, and I just look at my piles of "to-do's" and see dollar signs of money spent to buy my genius idea ;)

That Blessing Sign reminds me of a sign I saw one time, didn't buy it, and haven't found it since. "Count Your Blessings, Not your Problems"