Saturday, April 30, 2011


I so clearly remember scrubbing our apartment when I was almost due with Ava. Everything just could not be straight enough, dusted enough, swept and mopped enough. And don't even get my started on laundry - I was a maniac. I think I washed some of her outfits twice, maybe 3 times before she was even born. And, the end of this pregnancy is proving to be the same. I have been nuts about organizing, purging through stuff and just getting things ready in general. I have mopped my kitchen floor, sorted boxes in the basement {although, WHY?, I'm not sure}, washed baby clothes, scrubbed the bathroom, dusted, etc. Things are a little different this time around though. For some reason - ahem - things aren't staying clean and in their places. The dining room looks like someone is living there, AND, our last ladies church event is still waiting to be held as I still have ALL the decorations in boxes on the floor. Our bedroom may or may not have had a clothes bomb go off. The cute sunroom off the upstairs is slowly looking like a large windowed closet :/ (my least fave thing right now) and somehow every time I get toys put away - they end up back strewn across the floor. Not sure who is doing that! :)

But, with all that said. Nesting is in FULL swing here in this house. In the last 3 days I have been doing all I physically can - and I'm starting to see results. The nursery is practically ready for a new addition minus some curtains and raising the crib back up to the right height. I sorted through every diaper box of baby clothes of Ava's and transferred them ALL to plastic totes by size. Yes, obsessive. I now have perfectly organized baby girl clothes in multicolored bins and just waiting to be pulled out season by season. {sigh} Also, big sis' clothes that she is rapidly outgrowing are now being stockpiled in little sis' extra closet, too! No reason to wait and do that again in a few months!
Little Sis' closet has been stocked with all the amazing diaper deals I found over the winter in prep for her arrival. And I even was able to get some things up on hangers, organized in her "plastic dresser", etc. I just have one little Luvs box to sort through of baby toys, etc.
I have the changing table ready - minus a basket for blankets (and more dusting). Today I set up the bedside sleeper, which, a certain 2 year old thinks is for her personal climbing entertainment. I pulled out the ol' pump and got it ready, stocked the bottle cabinet so daddy can be a little more involved this time. Got the receiving blankets ready, folded baby towels, threw old stained things away and just went to town!

My ankles are MASSIVE and I can't seem to drink enough water, but otherwise I feel fine. 38 weeks this week! I'm secretly hoping for maybe a little earlier then May 17th baby - but, we'll take whatever. I mean, we ARE ready now! And for those of you that have been wondering... yes, Ava is doing great in her big girl room. I got everything done minus the dark pink stripes - which we'll do this summer. She loves being in there! The transition has been beautiful. I finished making her memo board {it's not perfect, but, special} and its the only thing up on the wall. I was given this beautiful dresser that I spray painted white - and, that's as far as we got before the move. More pics to come - but, here's a teaser!

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becky said...

You are getting SO close! Yay for May! Excited for you!!