Tuesday, November 27, 2012

4 days left in Nov.

{kitchen decor this year}
Ah, nap time. My girls are down, and Harry Connick Jr and I are sitting here taking a quick break. And of course by that I mean... thank you Spotify for such a great variety of Christmas music! :) I recommend this one - though, admittedly, it is cheesy and not totally focused on the TRUE meaning of this season. But still, it's Harry. What a voice. :)
And, since I'm recommending things. I'll also throw this idea out there. I've been listening to it regularly and pretending I live in the country, in a big ol' log cabin {without the work}, complete with snow outside. 
I was able to put out more Christmas decorations yesterday - and get a lot of our laundry done. Still more to do, of course, but several stacks put away! Woot! I'm sitting here looking at the calendar and I cannot believe it's the last week of November. Why is life going so fast?  Our lives are so full of so many good things and I wouldn't change a thing - but, part of me feels a little sad to see my babies bigger, my face older, the days passing. 

But enough of that. 4 days left. Spend them wisely. :) 

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Sandra said...

Time flies, I often feel the same way that my children are quickly growing up and I am not quite ready to accept that.