Monday, November 26, 2012

Unpacking Thanksgiving

You know those golden moments in motherhood where you just seem to have it all together, everyone is on time, you remember everything you were supposed to, life just seems smooth as silk? That was NOT how my Monday began. {grin}I had high hopes of getting our morning errands done, a quick 18 month well child visit for the Augs, and then coming home to light my Christmas candle, get this place cleaned up and just enjoy a calm Monday post-traveling. This was not to be. {grin again...}

The girls and I got out of the house an hour before we needed to be at the Peds for Auggie's appointment. I was feeling impressed with myself, to be honest. Everyone was happy and dressed and basically content. I turned off the van in the Target parking lot, got the girls out, locked the doors, and then closed them. Only then did I realize that A) I left my purse in the van B) The purse held my keys and C) My phone was there on the seat, near the purse which held the keys. THANK THE LORD I GOT MY CHILDREN OUT FIRST! We went inside where I asked to use a public phone, and was told Target didn't have a public phone. So I pleaded my case and the lovely customer service rep was a great help and let me use the non-public phone. :) In a weird turn of events... my hubby just happened to be working at the Starbucks IN the Target we were at. I had no idea! He was able to help me out and get us all unlocked, etc. So thankful for that. Our hour was quickly passing now so I quick grabbed what we needed and back out the door we went. I don't know where time seems to go in these moments...but, we ended up only getting two of our errands done before we needed to go.

August had her 18 month appointment today. She is still completely shrimpy short in the whopping 21st percentile for height. Her weight seems to have leveled out in the 60-ish percentile and her head wins the trophy at 98%! Little big head :) After one shot, a finger prick lead check, and two band aids later - we made it out. Now I have two children in bed and an entire house that needs some sort of work. Mounds {literally} of laundry, piles of papers to sort, a calendar to straighten out, and finish putting up Christmas decor. All this said - it's GOOD to be home!

We had a great time in Michigan visiting with our dear family. Instead of going through every detail I'll share a few photo highlights from the week. We already miss everyone and feel especially blessed to know what a great family we have.

Some crazy fog on the way to MI. I guess Davenport, IA had 0% visibility in some places. Yikes!
The view we had every day while at our home for the week - Miracle Camp! 
Woody and Spider girl - just being cousins. :) They were loving time together. 
Tub time in the camp sink. 
Freezing at the zip line. It was snowing!!! And, if you didn't read my post about it - our crazy 3 year old did it by herself TWICE!
The HUGE double-decker carousel at the Mall was tons of fun for the kids! 

We celebrated J's soon to be 3rd birthday and A's soon to 4th birthday on our last night together.
We truly do give thanks for traveling safety, wonderful family, and just the everyday blessings that life brings us from the Lord!

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