Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

I woke early this morning and made my way downstairs for some quiet time in the Word. It was still dark and our furnace was running - otherwise, there were no sounds. Lovely. I was surprised to find my husband asleep on our couch... that never happens. He mumbled something about our big girl having a bad dream and then he fell back to sleep. Weird. I didn't hear anything. Thankful for a hubby who wakes to care for our children and let's momma rest even if its just for a little while. :)

This weekend was jam packed full and I'm actually looking forward to a laid back Monday. Sure, I have loads of laundry and housework to do - but, that's why I'm home. :) Friday afternoon I headed up to Rochester, MN for the "Hearts at Home" conference with several ladies from church. It was a refreshing and really enjoyable time! While there I got to sit under the teaching of several amazing women of God - Michelle Duggar, probably being my favorite. I just love that family, and, now that I've met them... they are LEGIT! The real deal. I'm hoping to do a specific post about the things I learned later...They love Jesus and their family - and it is so apparent. I returned from the conference very late Saturday night - and then Sunday was my hubby's 29th birthday. So between morning and evening church services, birthday shopping, and a birthday party for him after our evening service... I was exhausted. {and, I may have watched a few minutes of the Breaking Amish reunion...weird.}

It's 8:08 and my entire clan is still asleep - so, let's see if I can get my whole post on :)

The weather:::
 It was 28 last night :) And I'm not sure what today holds, but, I saw SNOW flakes at one point yesterday. Very exciting for this lady!

Right now I am:::
Sitting on the couch watching a cute hubby sleep. This is rare and I'm savoring it.

 I'd really like some coffee - but, I'm afraid to move, it might wake someone up :)
Also, still just so thankful for all of the practical things I learned this weekend at the Hearts at Home conf.

On my reading pile:::
Bible study in Ecclesiastes.
And... just downloaded for FREE on my nook, "Gods and Kings" book one. Really eager to jump in! It's a historical fiction based on the OT kings. Here's what Amazon says, "Gods and Kings is the story of King Hezekiah, heir to the throne of King David. When his evil father plots to sacrifice him, Hezekiah's mother, Abijah, searches frantically for a way to save him. But only two men can help her, and neither of them seems trustworthy. In a time and place engulfed by violence, treachery, and infidelity to Yahweh, Abijah and her son must discover the one true Source of strength if they are to save themselves and their country. Book 1 of Chronicles of the Kings."

On my TV:::
Off. It's quiet. :)
When the girls wake up we'll probably watch a few cartoons.

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Taco soup {leftover from bday party}or...put that in a tortilla = burritos!
For the rest of the week I'm thinking of trying another "survivor week" and just using up what we have around the kitchen. Trying to save $ for our Thanksgiving trip!

On my to do list:::
-Sign up for the "No More Perfect Moms" challenge that starts in January!
-mop kitchen floor
-make beds
-dust bedrooms
-vacuum living room
-relist some things on Craigslist

What I am creating:::
In the process of bookmarking ideas for Christmas gifts. Thinking of doing a lot of gifts in a jar and other things similar. :)
This weekend my biggest girl and I will be making foam place mats for the cousins @ Thanksgiving dinner! Michael's has large foam rectangles and adorable T-giving themed foam stickers.. she is going to LOVE that craft!

Homemaking Tips:::
WHEN I stick to it - having a written out cleaning schedule really helps. I have specifics for each day, a daily list, a monthly list and a weekly list. For example: Daily would include - make beds, tidy bedrooms, bathroom, empty/load dishwasher. Monthly has - wipe down light switches, organize linen closet, etc. Weekly has - wipe down woodwork, empty upstairs trash cans. :) It hits all the things I can't remember regularly. My specific days of the week look like this:
Monday - Dust bedrooms, Laundry, vacuum bedrooms and hall
Tuesday - Bath tub, organize closets
Wednesday - Vacuum downstairs & couch, organize paperwork
Thursday - Wipe down windows and TV, dust downstairs, mop linoleum
Friday - Clean fridge, home inventory {what do we need around here?}
Saturday - Tidy outdoor spaces, lay out sunday clothes, sunday dinner prep
*some days will have more work then others, especially when things align and I'm doing bath tub scrubbing, linen closet organizing, wood work cleaning and my dailies on the same day :/ But, it makes the next day just as wonderful with a lighter load.

Looking around the house:::
It's afternoon now. Kiddos are asleep and I have Christmas music playing :) My bedroom needs some attention -  but the sunshine {although its freezing out} and remaining pot of coffee are distracting me :)

From the Camera:::
Photo: Wonderful people :) So glad to have finally met them!
Yep! I met them! A wonderful, godly couple who are earnestly seeking to put the Lord first in life - and love on their children :) I'm completely blown away by how personal and real they are. Thankful for the chance to meet them. {gush gush gush} And, never mind how totally exhausted I was {and looked!}after waiting 2 hours in line! You are loved, Duggars!

On my prayer list:::
At the Hearts at Home conference I picked up a Mom's prayer journal and began using it today. It has a section for husband, children, self, friends, pastors/leaders, etc. Praying for my hubby, children, and two friends today - new pregnancy for one {yay!} and family issues for the other. I love the "answers" section in the back of the journal - and looking forward to recording what God does in each situation.

Bible Verse, devotional:::
In Prov. 12 today and being reminded the value of our words. Each one counts! And some even bring gladness - Vs. 25: "Anxiety in the heart of man brings depression, but a good word makes it glad!".

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Sandra said...

I love the Duggars, especially Michelle. There is just something so wonderful about that lady :)

Great looking menu, and I'm doing the same thing cooking from what I already have to save some money :)