Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hearts at Home... {squeal}

Hearts at Home - Bloomington, IL
Yeeeeeee! Tomorrow is the day! Myself, along with several other women from church are loading up a van and heading to MN for the Hearts at Home conference. :) I've never been able to go and have always wanted to. SUCH a treat for this Momma! I applied and got the scholarship, which was a huge blessing, and now I can't wait to just sit and drink it all in.

Perhaps I'm most excited about sitting under this gals wisdom, even for just a session or so. :)
I'm a fan of their show and just really value the bits and pieces that I have heard her speak on, about raising children, and the value of capturing your children's hearts. I have much to learn! 

And, let's be honest...
A van ride, a hotel stay, and a conference all with friends. I'm practically giddy for some girl time :) 
Here's to a fantastic weekend, challenged hearts, and memories made! 

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