Saturday, November 24, 2012

Letting go.

Here we are in the state of Michigan visiting with family and enjoying some good ol' downtime. It has been lovely and we are blessed to be related to such wonderful people. :)

Yesterday was zip line day. All the teens and adults who wanted a turn harnessed up and waited in line. It was then that my 3 year old began to beg for her turn. "are you kidding me?" I thought to myself and began to look at the man running the show for him to say no. This would be our out. I'm sorry,  Honey, the man says you are too little...maybe another year. And then, that same man looks at her and says, "did you want to try it?". Gasp! But...but...she's only 3 you see. Granted, she looks older and is bigger - but, still 3.

So she got harnessed in and we were sent up the tower. In my mind I just kept thinking that of course she would freak out at the top and change her mind. She is only 3. But we kept going up and up, another level and then another. And then we made it to the top.
The man asked me to help hook her up to the line - and I kind of felt sick. I kept asking if she changed her mind, did she want to head back down? Are you sure?! She was fearless. She had no expression and even said a "moooom" when I kept asking if she was ok.
Once all was ready the man asked me to let go of her. LET GO. I couldn't do it. I kept hold of that harness and he just about had to pry it out of my hand - and then she smiled, and jumped out. And...she's 3 and my heart is racing and I'm watching her go. She's smiling the whole way, as if she's been zip lining her entire life. I mumbled some nervous one liner about how "momma has a lot to learn about letting go..." and the man acknowledged what a feat this must have been... for me. {blush}

She made it down. And after I hugged her and checked her out...she asked to go again. And I think I looked at her with total confusion. And then... I let her go. And my momma heart learned more then one thing that day. But, that's a whole other post.

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