Tuesday, November 6, 2012

.Think happy thoughts.

Happy Tuesday from Iowa. November 6th. Election day here in America. The children and I went to the polls after bible study this morning and it was quick and painless! Feels good to be a part of something that men & women long ago {and currently} gave their lives for. Now we wait to see what happens... and honestly, I don't know if it's just because I'm not a politics buff or what - but, I'm not concerned. The Lord reigns and He knows exactly what He's doing. Rest in that friends. Do your part, then rest. :)

It's a happy type of day around here. Most days are I suppose - but, I'm feeling so thankful and happy to be home and enjoying life. I took a few minutes earlier just to walk around our home and just be THANKFUL. Above is one of my smile makers. This spot by my kitchen sink - a fave verse framed. Owl craft made by my little girl. Fall flowers from my hubby. :) It's in the simple times and moments when I'm washed over by just how fortunate and loved I am by my God. And even if all these pretty things weren't here... I am still loved.

Our cable tv has a Christmas music station, so I have that going and it's been a peaceful afternoon. Hot mug of Colombian coffee with Peppermint Mocha creamer sits here with me. The girls are napping and the laundry is washing and so I snagged a few minutes to look at ideas on Pinterest. We have a ladies event coming up at church called REJOICE. It's a wonderful night of music, good food, fellowship and great encouragement about what Christmas is all about. This will be my 3rd year decorating a table for the event - and, I couldn't be more excited! {which, is thrilling considering my lack of decorating skill} You laugh...

I have two ideas running in my brain. Since I may need to do two tables - this is a good thing. However, being the gal that I am - my ideas are total opposites. Table 1 would be classic or rustic Christmas. Reds, greens and nature type things. Table 2... heirloom china, pink roses, lace and pearls. See what a maniac I am!?! So as I was browsing the boards of people all over the world I found one good idea after another. :) Whoever invented Pinterest is a GENIUS. Jus sayin'.

I have this antique set, and it's precious. It was given to me by my grandmother and I will cherish it forever! It's so pretty - and it has a gold trim all around it. :) Very feminine, very classy. So now I'm searching and searching for just what to do around it. Centerpieces and all of that jazz.
I stumbled upon this idea - 

SERIOUSLY! The plate shown is almost identical to what I own. How easy is that!? Anyway, I love the idea of a pearl garland sweeping over a lace runner. {have I mentioned this is not exactly my style?} But, I'm hoping it will be a beautiful blessing to the ladies of our church. I'm secretly hoping the precious, older ladies sit at this one and just feel so loved and spoiled by all things pearls, lace, and roses. :) Sort of a tribute to my amazing Grandma.

And about the other table. I just wanna have fun :)
Here are some things that have caught my attention...
Holiday Decorating Ideas - Country Christmas Decorations - Country Living.  yarn theme? wrap everything?
Thinking this yarn ball wreath might look cute as a centerpiece. Throw a big ol' white candle in the middle - low key, and pretty.
But then I see things like this...

Easy-to-Make Christmas Centerpieces
Still easy. But, a little more of a statement. :)

Ultimately, I keep going back to this... as I've looked at my pin boards and have it re-posted {in different pictures} at least 5 times. What is it with me and old boxes with greens and candles?! :) Hmmmm.
Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece

A Country Christmas

another idea

Happy thoughts. :) Just enjoying my quiet few minutes with beautiful pictures and visions of the JOY of the season! 

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becky said...

I love old boxes and mason jars too. I've posted on freecycle looking for them a few time and I've been keeping my eyes peeled (for as much as I get into the stores anyway)...but no luck yet. Maybe by Christmas...they are beautiful! Happy decorating!