Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oh Goodness, Goodwill. Sweet finds on a Saturday.

Saturday. Our morning started with pancakes, cups of milk, hot coffee and yummy peppermint mocha creamer {which, Aldi now carries!}. What a sweet time these days are. So much noise. So much urgency. Still, so sweet. 

I'm minutes away from pulling out my Christmas bins from the basement. Hubs gave the green light to decorate before we leave on our Thanksgiving trip, so the house will be all ready when we get home. :) This is new, and exciting! I'm still not entirely sure what direction I'm going in each room - but, I'm looking forward to going through each bin and just savoring the memories. My girls should make this process super interesting, too.

This morning included a quick trip to my local Goodwill. I was hoping to score a basket that I noticed last time I was there - but, skipped. It was gone today :( of course. But, I did find a few others jewels - which I will be sharing with you today.
Item #1 - wooden toolbox {handmade with Carpenters Union stamp on the bottom}
I have wanted one of these for a very long time. There are so many cute things you can do with them... and I love the "old timey" look of a wooden toolbox. I dunno, a metal craftsman box just doesn't have the same effect. ;) Pinterest had a few ideas on what to do with it - but, I'm thinking of spray painting it black, then red, then distressing it so the black cracks through a bit. Then I'll fill it with Christmas bulbs, pine cones, or something festive. :) Woot! Oh, and, it's was $2!

Item(s) #2 - Noritake saucers
Next month, as I've mentioned, I'm decorating a table for our ladies Christmas event at church. I already had my 8 white/silver plates and mugs - but could not find affordable saucers to go with. I happened to stumble across these guys at .79/piece. Didn't realize they were NORITAKE until I got home. The website shows them being about $33/piece. {cough, cough} Seriously. Good find. Might need to find some money from the girls piggy banks and go get the rest of the set.

Item(s) #3 - Clothes.
I still get a little silly about second hand clothes. If it smells funny, it's out. If it hangs weird, out. Etc. But I have been so surprised to find amazing clothing lately at the Goodwill. And for $3ish a piece, it's a deal. I found these two today.
The cardigan is brand new. Merona brand and will look great (I hope) with one of my cream scarves and jeans for a casual look. The gray shirt {Mossimo}, which I loved, bummed me out by being a little too small. Ok, a lot. Apparently I really cannot pull off the "skinny" look. {blush} I did some major underestimating on myself today while at the store. So, anyone need an adorable gray and white striped shirt? I'll gladly give it to you :) And then stare at you every time you wear it. Kidding!

That was the Goodwill trip. I could tell you about the other zillion things I saw that made me say, "oh, that's cute", or along those lines. But, I'll let you check it out yourself.

My ending thought is -
I hate dieting. I hate watching what I eat. It's so boring. And since I had to end my WW membership {to save $} I have not been doing well with weight stuff. That said - THIS magazine has been encouraging lately. I started a free subscription {for taking a survey online} and the recipes are fun, the ideas are fun, it's just fun! Maybe if I heeded some of the articles and workouts that gray shirt wouldn't be a problem. Ugh.
Good day, all!

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