Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eh, so... it snowed again.

{picture source abcnewsradio.com}
Apparently Rocky came to visit us overnight and was still hanging around this morning. Oh, you don't know Rocky? In Iowa we name our snow storms ;) He left a mess this morning forcing us to cancel playgroup at church and a whole list of activities scheduled tonight and maybe even tomorrow. Though, as I sit here and read the list of sicknesses that are going around... perhaps its not such a bad thing we are all bound at home? I haven't gotten the flu in years and see no reason to start up now.

This morning while the girls played and laundry washed itself in the basement {thank you modern inventions} I had some time to sit and finish my Kevin DeYoung book - "The Hole in our Holiness". Wow, folks. This was a phenomenal book and I like to think I even grew a bit from reading it. I'm hoping to do a review on here maybe tomorrow to further whet your appetite. The final chapter ended with the topic of repentance and it was AMAZING. Such a challenge - do I sorrow over sin? Do I take repentance seriously? God does.  So challenging.

I'm now a full month behind on my 2013 reading list, but, that's alright. I think my next book won't involve as much brain power and should go more quickly. I'm enjoying getting into my books more and have been eager to keep adding new ones to my list. P.S. If you haven't looked for books at thrift stores yet... let me encourage you to do so. :) I'm a Lucado fan and found several of his books basically brand new for a quarter a pop! Try it.

My biggest girl is going cabin fever crazy. And as I watched the snow fall I knew I needed to ramp up the creativity today. Those little brains just need so much exercise. So, she learned how to draw hearts, stick families, we made a blanket tent in the living room, had FOUR morning snacks, watched part of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", brushed lil' ponies hair, drew more hearts, argued over why she could not have the book of stamps for stickers...
we've kept busy. Sometimes when the house is quiet - I know the girls are hiding. It's all the rage here to hide. {little stinkers!} Yesterday I looked in nearly every room until I came upon this -

The pack n' play was still set up in the school room from watching a friends toddler this weekend. Why not jump in with all your fave blankets and kid sister?! Please DO note the large amount of necklaces worn by the 1 year old. Oscar party remnants. :)

It's all in a day around here.
It's snowing again and it's pure beauty, but I will agree... how lovely it would be to someday get to run outside again :)

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