Thursday, February 7, 2013

The grayest day

{amazing couch found on Pinterest}
I want to go to here. This couch bed hugeness. All fluffy with pillows and throws and calm. 
My body is exhausted after two days of coughing and a practically sleepless night last night. The girls aren't napping as well during the day and Augs has been struggling at night. {what's up with the 2am need to be held, my almost 2 year old?!} I love holding my girl - but, have been feeling very groggy after those moments. 

The sky is entirely gray. No clouds or cracks in the sky - just a veil of gray. All the trees are leaf-less and cold and while I do love my cold weather season... this day seems as depressing as they come. 

Hubs has been on a trip this week and will get home Saturday night, maybe that's part of the mood today. I miss him. His humor. His help with the kids. The smell combination of his soap, hairspray and cologne first thing in the morning. I'm eager for my love to be home. 

On this - the grayest day - I think it may be time to pop some extra Vitamin D and curl up under the blankets. 

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Sandra said...

Awww I'm sorry you're not feeling well, and missing your hubby. I do hope tomorrow is a better day for you and that Saturday night comes around very fast :)