Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day {reality version}

I have to laugh right out loud... or I'd cry. You know those "nailed it" moments when you try to copy something and ends up so much less then you'd hoped. Had another one of those last night!

Hubbys' gift was to be simple and classic. Mug with the word LOVE painted on it, baked to set, and filled with tissue paper and his fave gum. {hey, we keep it romantic around here} I wanted it to look like this -

DIY: painted mugs  could I get this done by...tomorrow?!

It turned out like this -

I think it would have been just as romantic and thoughtful to hand him the white mug, paint brush and bottle of paint. I dunno. This might be packed into the Goodwill box by tonight. {blah}

But, although I have successfully failed in the area of gift giving {again} - I was able to sew up a quick and pretty cute bunting for the dining room last night.

Try not to be WOWED by my sewing skills. I know, I know. ;)

Happy Valentines Day. Here's to 2014!

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Lanora said...

I think it is very sweet :) Did he like it? You can always reuse it again next year! Maybe next year you can fill it with peppermint sticks, dipped in chocolate (and use those to stir your coffee). Or you could paint an entire set with 'Hope', 'Faith', Home, Family... Ava... August ;) Put their hand=prints on the mugs!! :) You can have a lot of fun with those, dont despair!