Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday - post Superbowl party

I woke up this morning feeling a little ill. Combination of too little sleep and too much junk food from our Super bowl party. Oh the consequences of bad eating at 30 years old. {moan}But, the day has begun and it's time to get on with it... and, find the tums. ;)

The weather:::
Snow is on the ground and some snow-globe-esqe flakes swirling around, cold and gray today.

Right now I am:::
Finishing my cup of French roast with cinnabon creamer {dreamy!}. Debating what household chore to start first.

I am so thankful for my children and husband. They really do point me to Christ and I learn so much having them in my life. 

On my reading pile:::
Finishing "The Hole in our Holiness" hopefully today! 
"Where is your Pineapple?" by Raelene Phillips

On my TV:::
Hoping to watch last nights episode of Downton Abbey tonight. Only caught a few minutes of it during the Super bowl power outage. Eager! 

Favorite blog post this week:::
Courtney @ Women living well is continuing on with the Valentines day challenge - this weeks challenge is especially fun! KISSING! She says,  "Our men feel stronger, more capable, and built up when we respond to their advances with a smile. Seek to give your husband a back rub, or shower together, be creative! Purpose to kiss your husband like you mean it this week!:)"
 {blush}Check it out here

Something fun to share:::
Monster Bars. :) If you like Monster cookies... you MUST check out and make this fun recipe! 

On the menu for this week::: {hubs is heading out of state for a conference...lots of kid foods}
Monday - BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches
Tuesday - Mac n' cheese & steamed broccoli
Weds- Frozen pizza
 Thurs- Fast food :) 
Friday - Not sure about the weekend. 

On my to do list:::
-Laundry day!
-Put folding chairs back in the basement
-Wash windows

What I'm creating:::
Sandra has inspired me to pick back up my crochet needles... it's not pretty, but, it's something. Working on a few "play pieces" to refresh my memory.

Homemaking tips:::
We had one of those 6 cubicle storage things and two of the slats broke. Rather then tossing the whole thing out - I laid it on its side and slid it into our closet as a shoe holder. It works! 

Looking around the house:::
Folding chairs and plastic cups litter the living room - remnants of a good night with friends. 
WAY too many sweets and snacks left over... need a plan for them or the plan will turn into eating them all and weighing 900 lbs. :/

From the camera:::
My husband is SO creative and fun. He made these worksheets for our party guests last night. The winner won $10! 

On my prayer list:::
Friends battling the loss of a sister
Pregnant friends
we desire to move... just thinking.

Bible verses, Devo:::
So appreciate the endless reminders that waiting on the Lord is always best. 


Conny said...

We are having a kid-meal week at our house too (my husband just started a new job in another state) ... hope you have a good one!!

Tori Peterson said...

Glad to hear you had fun at your Super Bowl Party. Isn't it crazy how we change over the years? When I was a teen it seemed like I could eat endless sweets and types of food without feeling sick or gaining weight, and now I may as well stock my medicine cabinet with tums and pull out the treadmill before I end up weighing 300lbs. LOL

Judy said...

Love your re-purposing tip.

Sandra said...

Oh I completely understand what you mean, I'm turning 39 in a few months and I can't just pig out like I used to. lol

Glad I inspired you to crochet, it's looking great already :) It's addictive, you'll find yourself constantly making things.